About Opesh Singh Foundation

Opesh Singh Foundation was founded by Mr.Opesh Singh and Ms.Megha Nath in 2021 with the goal of helping African children and youth get the best possible education in order to develop their skills, which will lead them towards a better future.
We achieve success through educational programs in collaboration with established partners who advance educational learning as well as helping to provide supplies and books as needed.
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We want to help the children in poverty

A good mentor can transform the attitude of a person who is troublesome to a successful individual who will also be an example for others. The person with real-world skills, experience and even more opportunities. This is the reason I started the Opesh Singh Foundation. I am determined to assist children and young adults in need of guidance, mentoring, and direction.

If you know of a organization with the same mission, we invite you to contact us. We would love to partner with other organizations to offer energy and support to children who are who are in need.

I guarantee that all the money we collect will be used to assist children and young adults who require it the most.


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